Citadel™ GL SSDs

Secure Downrange Data at Rest (DAR)

Citadel GL FIPS certified self-encrypting SSDs, powered by CipherDrive™, are the only low-cost and ITAR-free SSDs featuring headless authentication.

Citadel GL secures data that’s collected and stored in UAVs, sensor systems, autonomous platforms, appliances, and tactical edge devices that don’t have a keyboard or monitor.

Citadel GL waits for a USB security key to be inserted before unlocking access the host system and its data.

Streamlined, Hardware-Based Performance

Citadel GL’s military-grade Data at Rest (DAR) security ensures the safety of your downrange data using pre-tested pre-boot authentication (PBA), and hardware encryption. 

 Citadel GL’s pre-boot authentication and its NSA-approved AES 256-bit encryption engine runs at the hardware level, meaning there is no software overhead that has to decode data as you go. You get full performance access to encrypted data. 

Standardized form factors and a straightforward installation process streamlines the process of integrating Citadel GL directly into your application.

  • Citadel GL is specialized for headless applications
  • No monitor or keyboard required – System waits for a USB security key to be inserted before unlocking
  • Military-Grade Data at Rest (DAR) Security
  • Authorization Acquisition (AA) and Encryption Engine (EE)
  • Operating System Agnostic
  • COTS-priced and ITAR-free
  • AES 256-bit Encryption at Hardware Speeds
  • TAA Compliant
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 for SSD and FIPS 140-2 for PBA
  • Common Criteria (CC) pending SSD and CC-certified PBA

Data Sheet

Need more detailed information or product specifications? Download the Citadel GL data sheet now.