Is Your Data at Rest (DAR) Truly Secure?

White PaperDownload this white paper, Is Your Data at Rest (DAR) Truly Secure?, to learn more about:

  • When DAR is most secure
  • The difference between compliance, validation, and certification
  • What your DAR checklist should look like
  • Citadel Secure SSDs

Learn more about what you can do to optimize DAR security.

If there’s anything we’ve learned over recent years...

…it’s that our computer systems in general — and the precious data stored on them in particular — are susceptible to attack by hackers. These bad actors can range from independent entities to nation states. Anyone from individuals to institutions may be targeted, where the latter includes the military, Federal agencies, critical infrastructure (power grids, oil pipelines, transportation systems…), industrial and manufacturing concerns, banking and financial establishments, and medical facilities. Download to read more!


Citadel SSDs: Standard Form Factors and Interfaces

NIST Certification: #3926