Citadel C Series Select Secure M.2 SED

Simple, easy-to-use pre-boot authentication (PBA) and protection from ransomware, physical, and other cyber attacks

M.2 NVMe - TCG Opal 2.0

M.2 SATA - TCG Opal 2.0

M.2 NVMe - FIPS 140-2

M.2 SATA - FIPS 140-2

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    • PBA feature shipping in Q4 2022
    • TAA Compliant
    • Secure Firmware: Solid secure firmware features secure digital signatures and boot-time attestation which help to protect storage devices against low-level attacks.
    • Hardware level AES 256-bit encryption with TCG Opal SSC support: the encryption/decryption is performed on device, independent from the host, reducing CPU load.
    • Instant Erase: The ability to complete sanitization of all data on the SSD in under 2 seconds, simplifying device retirement or redeployment.

C Series Secure SSDs include Cigent D3E software, which has been fully tested for compatibility, ensuring faster time to adoption and deployment

  • Hides encrypted files from cyber or physical attacks
  • Optional AI threat detection

This C Series SSD protects sensitive Data at Rest (DAR) from ransomware and other cyber attacks, as well as physical attacks. C Series SSDs add easy-to-implement file-level encryption as well as the ability to choose whether files are always locked or dynamically locked based on AI threat detection. Locked files are only available to authenticated users. With Cigent software, multiple authentication methods are supported. These options include Windows Hello (Facial Recognition, Fingerprint, PIN), Google Authenticator, and third-party authentication methods such as Cisco Duo.

This C Series SSD includes the security features of the standard version of the SSD as described below.

3rd party key management options include (but not limited to) are: Absolute Software, CryptoMill, McAfee, Secude, Softex, Sophos, Symantec, Wave Systems and WinMagic. Linux FDE (Full Disk Encryption) key management methods also supported.


Documentation and Downloads

User Manual for C Series SSDs
Jun 9, 2022 - 1.86 MB

Technical Specifications

Product name DIGISTOR Citadel C Series NVMe M.2 256GB SSD with TCG Opal Encryption (DIG-M2N2C12566)
Form Factor M.2 2280
MTBF More than 1,500,000 hours
Advanced Flash Management Static and Dynamic Wear Leveling; Bad Block Management; TRIM; SMART
Performance Read: up to 3,200MB/s; Write: up to 1,300MB/s
Power Consumption Active mode: ≤ 3,735mW; Idle mode : ≤ 525mW
Operating system compatibility Windows, Linux, SecureView, Forcepoint
Ambient temperature range Operation: 0°C ~ 70°C; Storage: -40°C ~ 85°C
Compliancy UL, RoHS
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