Ultimate in DAR Security: DIGISTOR FIPS SSDs Are CSfC-Listed

The National Security Agency (NSA) has placed our DIGISTOR FIPS 140-2 L2 SSDs on the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) component list as a Hardware Full Drive Encryption component.

This means that DIGISTOR FIPS SSDs are now on a list of NSA-approved products that can be used to build CSfC cybersecurity solutions. DIGISTOR FIPS SSDs are the first and only commercial SSDs to be listed as a CSfC Hardware Full Disk Encryption component.

DIGISTOR FIPS SEDs: Now Common Criteria Validated and NIAP Listed

DIGISTOR FIPS SEDs are now listed in NIAP’s Product Compliant List

Your apps are screaming for faster storage

Introducing our new PCIe Gen 4 SSDs. Now twice as fast.

Citadel SSDs

Securing Data at Rest (DAR)
with Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA)

VaultDisk® Removable Boot SSD now available

For Dell Precision 7740 Workstation Laptops in SATA and NVMe


Simply put, DIGISTOR has the best SSD lineup for securing Data at Rest (DAR). From our CSfC-ready Citadel SSDs to our FIPS 140-2 L2 to our TCG Opal self-encrypting drives (SEDs), there’s an ideal secure solution for nearly any application.

DIGISTOR is well-versed in delivering secure data storage solutions to our customers. Whether you are a major computer OEM, system integration partner, reseller, or boots on the ground user, you will find us to be responsive in helping you find the solution you need for securing your Data at Rest.

  • Military-class secure SSDs at COTS pricing, making it affordable to deploy DIGISTOR self-encrypting SSDs across a wide array of applications
  • TAA-compliant SSDs with an assured supply chain so you can trust our products in secure environments
  • Locked BOMs to ensure availability of your tested and validated product for long-lived programs
  • A variety of SSD form factors, including M.2 and 2.5-inch, with in-demand PCIe Gen 3 and SATA III interfaces
  • Rugged removable drives to support physical data security workflows in a variety of environments
  • SSDs with various certifications to support program requirements for CSfC, FIPS, and TCG devices

Securing Data at Rest (DAR)

Cybersecurity, data protection, encryption, zero trust—the list of terms about the need to keep sensitive or private information safe from threat or falling into the wrong hands has always been with us. We live in a world where nearly everything we do has been digitized. Modern economies, social stability, defense of country, safeguarding critical infrastructure—all of these rely on the integrity of their digital underpinnings. Institutions must create and manipulate data and digital assets, share information appropriately, and safely store sensitive data. Stakes have never been higher and the price to pay from failing to guard data from a wide array of threats is unthinkable.

At DIGISTOR, we specialize in helping military and government agencies and commercial entities of all sizes secure their Data at Rest (DAR). With a wide range of secure storage offerings, from bare drives to removable solutions to CSfC-ready SSDs, DIGISTOR can assist with specifying the appropriate storage devices to secure your important data.

White Paper:

Building a Citadel of Trust in a Zero Trust World

Your challenge is to secure and protect the Data at Rest under your control to the extent determined by its classification levels. You need to beware the increasing cyberattacks while limiting the attack surface. At the same time, you have to manage cost and complexity while providing authorized users access to files and data.

White Paper:

Is Your Data at Rest (DAR) Truly Secure?

If there’s anything we’ve learned over recent years, it’s that our computer systems in general — and the precious data stored on them in particular — are susceptible to attack by hackers. These bad actors can range from independent entities to nation states.

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