The World's Most Secure SSDs

Trusted by the US Military, federal agencies, and major corporations as the leading solution for protecting data at rest (DAR)

The World's Most Secure SSDs

Trusted by the US military, federal agencies, and major corporations as the leading solution for protecting data at rest (DAR)


Decades of Trust

Governments, corporations, and integrators around the world rely on CDSG and its DIGISTOR products and solutions to help secure and protect data of all levels of sensitivity.

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Your Data is Most Vulnerable at Rest

Cybersecurity begins with data security. Data security begins with DIGISTOR.


Used by the DoD, federal agencies, and major corporations to safely and easily encrypt and prevent unauthorized access to critical data


Enterprise grade SSDs for servers, industrial grade drives for extreme temperatures, and commercial grade SSDs for essential storage operations


Major OEMs, system integrators, and system builders integrate DIGISTOR secure storage into laptops, desktops, servers, and custom applications such as ISR


We specialize in addressing customer needs and requirements for secure storage that others do not
Certified and listed by the NSA on the CSfC Component List and by NIAP on the Product Compliant List, DIGISTOR FIPS validated SSDs are perfect for securing top secret and other sensitive data.

Citadel™ Pre-Boot Authentication

Lock down your laptops, desktops, and servers and secure your data at rest at the full speed of hardware (unlike BitLocker). Meet the highest government security mandates with CSfC- and NIAP-listed protection.

Commercial Grade SSDs

DIGISTOR Commercial Grade SSD drives are available for PCIe Gen 4 NVMe, PCIe Gen 3 NVMe, and SATA III devices. Available in M.2 2230 and 2280 form factors, these drives are perfect for boot drives and other embedded hardware storage.

Industrial SSDs

DIGISTOR Industrial SSDs are built to operate reliably in harsh environments where temperature fluctuations, high levels of vibration, and other challenging conditions are common.

Enterprise SSDs

Data processing at the edge demands rapid access to information where quick decision-making is imperative. The durability and speed of DIGISTOR’s Enterprise SSD series facilitates quicker data retrieval and application loading, efficiently delivering real-time insights.

VaultDisk® Removable SSDs for Dell Systems

VaultDisk removable, bootable SSD storage solutions you can remove, clone, and safely store your boot drive away from your Dell system, leaving no storage on the computer itself.

Removable Drives for Rugged Dell Systems

With long life and durability to match the use of ruggedized Dell systems, DIGISTOR RDR SSDs can be removed, cloned, and safely stored away from your laptop or tablet, leaving no storage on the device itself.

Optical Drives

Use DVD recorders to archive essential information, duplicate software installations, and produce professional multimedia presentations. Use DVD-ROM drives for quick and efficient access to archival discs and multimedia, as well as to install legacy software.

Use Case:

Revolutionizing Secure Data Management: The DIGISTOR Secure Data Drop and Sanitize (SDDS) Solution

In the realm of data security, the United States Navy faced a unique challenge – the need for swift, secure, and automated processes to manage CRU removable drives in a TOP SECRET operational environment. This challenge sparked the collaboration between DIGISTOR and Cigent, resulting in a groundbreaking solution known as the “DIGISTOR SDDS Solution.”

White Paper

Building a Citadel of Trust in a Zero Trust World

Click to download our white paper on how to optimize DAR security. You’ll learn about:

    • FIPS
    • TCG Opal
    • Pre-Boot Authentication
    • Data at Rest (DAR) Best Practices
    • Citadel SSDs


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