Industrial SSDs

Maintain Operational Efficiency in Harsh Environments

DIGISTOR Industrial SSDs are built to operate reliably in harsh environments where temperature fluctuations, high levels of vibration, and other challenging conditions are common.

Whether in the embedded systems of heavy machinery, automation equipment, or ruggedized computing devices, the robust construction of DIGISTOR Industrial SSDs involves durable materials and advanced technologies that ensure consistent performance and data integrity.

TAA-Compliant Form Factors for Nearly Any Device

  • Meet your compliance and certification requirements. Hardware-speed self-encrypting drive (SED) options are available: CSfC-listed and CC/NIAP drives secure sensitive data.
  • Standard and extended temperature envelopes allow operation within typical temperature ranges and extreme fluctuations, respectively.
  • Robust construction ensures consistent performance, reducing the risk of data loss or system failures when uninterrupted operation is imperative.
  • Support for mission-critical applications like embedded systems, automation equipment, and ruggedized computing devices.

Standard Temperature SSDs

Operates within typical temperature ranges and offers durability and consistent performance in demanding environments, making them essential for industries like manufacturing and automation.

Extended Temperature SSDs

Engineered to withstand wide temperature variations, these SSDs are crucial in aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors. Their robust design ensures data integrity and system reliability in challenging conditions.

Enhanced Durability and Reliability

Extended Lifecycle

Power Failure Protection

Error Correction and Wear Leveling

Shock and Vibration Resistance


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