VaultDisk® Removable SSDs for Dell Systems

For Peace of Mind, Secure Your Data

VaultDisk removable, bootable SSD storage solutions are designed specifically for a variety of Dell workstations such as Small Form Factor (SFF) desktop PCs and Dell Laptop systems.

With VaultDisk you can remove, clone, and safely store your boot drive away from your Dell system, leaving no storage on the computer itself.

VaultDisk Lowers Risk and Helps Recover Data

  • Keep it secret, keep it safe: Leave no data on your system–remove and lock away drives that contain sensitive information.
  • Reduce implementation risk: Validated, factory-integrated DIGISTOR storage just works to take the guesswork and time out of qualifying storage drives for your project.
  • Recover quickly from disaster: Store your system backups on a removable VaultDisk SSD. Your backups are easily inserted to quickly restore your system and data.

VaultDisk Mini Series 1

VaultDisk drives are designed exclusively for Dell Precision 7×70 and 7×80 systems.

VaultDisk Mini-26128

VaultDisk installation kits and drives designed exclusively for Dell OptiPlex 3060, 5060, 7000, 7010, 7010 Plus, 7040, 7050, 7060, 7080, 7090, XE3, and XE4 Small Form Factor systems.

Legacy VaultDisk Solutions

Solutions and accessories designed for older Dell workstations, servers, and laptops.


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