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CRU Data Security Group Now Offers NIST-certified DIGISTOR®  FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Secure SSDs

Addresses increasing need from military and government agencies to secure sensitive information from cyber threats

Vancouver, WA — May 17, 2021 — CRU Data Security Group (CDSG), a trusted provider of physical data security, data transport and disaster-proof data storage solutions, today announced that its DIGISTOR secure, self-encrypting SSDs have completed the FIPS 140-2 validation process. DIGISTOR has been awarded Certificate #3926 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which includes M.2 NVMe self-encrypting drives (SEDs) as well as M.2 and 2.5-inch SATA SEDs.

“More than ever before, our military and Federal agency customers need to cost-effectively meet requirements to secure Data at Rest (DaR). We are pleased to offer FIPS 140-2 L2 protection with DIGISTOR SSDs, which help our OEMs, integration partners, and customers build solutions to address the increasing number of cyber threats,” said CDSG President and CEO Randal Barber.

“This is a major milestone for us and our DIGISTOR secure SSDs,” said Murray Ellis II, Vice President of Engineering for DIGISTOR. “By obtaining FIPS certification for our self-encrypting drives, we can now meet market demand for tamper-evident hardware encryption in common storage formats compatible with today’s workstation, desktop, and mobile platforms—at COTS pricing.”

NIST FIPS 140-2 specifies the security requirements that will be satisfied by a cryptographic module, providing four increasing, qualitative levels intended to cover a wide range of potential applications and environments. To attain FIPS 140-2 certification, DIGISTOR drives, which have tamper-evident seals, have been independently validated by a NIST-specified laboratory.

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About CDSG

CDSG is a leading provider of high-quality data security, transport and storage devices for government and military agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, the entertainment industry, corporate IT departments, data centers and digital forensic investigators. The brands supporting this mission include CRU and DIGISTOR secure removable storage, DIGISTOR industrial encrypted SSDs and memory cards, ioSafe disaster proof storage devices and WiebeTech digital investigation devices. Founded in 1986 and based in Vancouver, Washington, CDSG ensures that sensitive, critical information is highly secure through physical data storage. CDSG operates with an unwavering commitment to superior quality, on-time delivery and comprehensive customer service.



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