Streamlining our Citadel Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) Product Offerings

We recently have decided to streamline our Citadel Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) product offerings. In our commitment to excellence, we are choosing to focus on delivering a single, superior solution, ensuring our customers receive the highest standard of service and innovation. As a result, we are eliminating the Citadel K Series products in favor of the Citadel C Series products. 

The Citadel C Series, powered by Cigent, can be used as a single layer in a two-layer NSA CSfC secure data at rest (DAR) solution. For more information, please visit the Citadel C Series product page.

We have a longstanding tradition of supporting our customers who have purchased products we no longer carry. In this spirit, we will continue to support those customers who have chosen the Citadel K Series. If you have any questions, please contact us.