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DIGISTOR Solves Drive Distinction Problem with Color Identifiable Drives

Color identifiable VaultDisk® drives make Digistor's interchangeable solid state storage solution even more useful to companies and organizations hosting a variety of security levels and networks.

Campbell, CA — March 13, 2018 — DIGISTOR today announced the release of color identifiable VaultDisk® drives, making the interchangeable solid state storage solution even more useful to companies and organizations hosting a variety of security levels and networks. This subtle yet critically important choice aims to make protected networks even more secure and give employees who use and maintain them a swifter way of distinguishing the drives.

The VaultDisk® removable solid state SATA drive was originally designed for the federal space and the challenges specific to that work environment. Whether it be the need for ensuring the security of a boot drive when going between networks with varying levels of security clearance, transferring software licenses across systems, or cloning and storing storage devices, having an easily removable drive is highly desirable in this work environment. Colored VaultDisk® drives aid in distinguishing between individual units that operate in secure networks versus ones that can operate elsewhere. This type of distinction also aids employees who want to retain passwords while traversing different networks.

The VaultDisk® SSD storage solution operates with a variety of Dell Workstation Laptops. For employees required to switch in and out of multiple networks, colored VaultDisk® drives provide an easier way to know which drive to grab for the security clearance level at task. VaultDisk® SSDs are currently available in gray, green, red, yellow, and pink. They come in 256GB, 512GB,
1TB, and 2TB capacities.

“By working closely with our customers and understanding the user’s needs allowed us to develop and deploy this solution quickly and efficiently,” says Chris Persaud, Director of Business Development at DIGISTOR. “This provides a quick and foolproof method of ensuring the security of the network you are working within at a glance.”

DIGISTOR is a leading innovator, manufacturer, and distributor of industrial-grade flash storage products, secure storage products, and digital video storage solutions. DIGISTOR proudly supports customers around the world in industries such as law enforcement, medical, professional video, security/surveillance, and federal agencies.



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