VaultDisk® Secure SED (TCG Opal 2.0 / FIPS 140-2) for Dell OptiPlex Small Form Factor Desktops

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TCG Opal 2.0

FIPS 140-2

About 256GB VaultDisk® Secure FIPS 140-2 Mini-26128 SATA III Removable Drive for Dell SFF Desktops – Yellow (DIG-RVDX-B2566Y)

VaultDisk® Secure is a removable FIPS 140-2 Self Encrypting Mini-26128 SATA SSD drive for use with Dell systems that have removable drive support, so no tools are needed to swap the boot drive. The removable SSD creates the ability to cold swap your boot drive in seconds, saving man hours and securing all critical data. FIPS 140-2 Level 2 hardware encryption ensures that the firmware integrity, encryption technology and physical security of the SSD all meet the requirements set forth by the Federal Information Processing Standard of the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

    • TAA Compliant
    • Secure Firmware: Solid secure firmware features secure digital signatures and boot-time attestation which help to protect storage devices against low-level attacks.
    • Advanced Encryption: Built-in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit hardware encryption engine. (XTS mode)
    • Instant Scramble Erase: The ability to complete sanitization of all data on the SSD in under 2 seconds, simplifying device retirement or redeployment.
    • Secure data workflow: Easily remove and securely store, clone, or swap system boot disks.
    • VaultDisk® offers a completely new way to secure and transport data between network classifications.
    • Easily distinguish and swap boot drives allowing you to jump from Windows to a Linux boot drive in seconds.
    • For use with Mini-26128 VaultDisk® enabled systems.
    • Learn more about VaultDisk® removable boot drive system support

Technical Specifications

Product name 256GB VaultDisk® Secure FIPS 140-2 Mini-26128 SATA III Removable Drive for Dell SFF Desktops – Yellow (DIG-RVDX-B2566Y)
Compliancy UL
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