SATA III Enterprise SSDs


SATA III for Existing and Legacy Servers

Even though NVMe is gaining in usage, many server architectures still require 2.5-inch Enterprise SATA SSDs. DIGISTOR’s Enterprise SSD drives are an ideal storage solution for applications that deliver a combination of performance and reliability. Meet the heavy workload demands of server and data center environments.

Key features include

Cost-effective performance

makes SATA III SSDs an affordable option for read-centric workloads and applications with moderate I/O demands

Suited for read-intensive and mixed-use workloads

like read-heavy databases, data warehousing, and analytics

Power loss protection versions available

which safeguards against data loss during unexpected power outages or disruptions

TAA compliance

ensures you can meet regulatory requirements, maintain data security, and support ethical practices in technology procurement

Form Factors

7mm Height

  • Fits into servers that support 7mm height SATA SSDs
  • Read-intensive (~1 DWPD) and mixed-use (> 3 DWPD) versions available
  • Versions with and without power-loss protection available

9.5mm Height

  • Fits into servesr that support 9.5mm height SATA SSDs
  • For mixed use workloads
  • Includes power-loss protection

SATA III Enterprise SSDs

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