Removable Solutions for Dell Rugged

Rugged removable drives for Dell Rugged 5420/5424 and 7214/7424 systems

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DRIVES: Available in 256GB-2TB SATA and NVMe in standard and secure (FIPS 140-2 and Opal) Formats.
Caddy: All Rugged drives will come installed in the caddy for immediate “plug and play” with no tools requried.
TAA: 100% TAA compliant.
PG: Dell Rugged PG tested and approved.

Dell Rugged 5424 and 7424

Available in both NVMe and SATA Formats
For use in M.2 Removable Storage Bays

Dell Rugged 5420

Available in NVMe Format (system limitation)
For use in the primary storage bay only.

Dell Rugged 7214

Available in SATA Format (system limitation).

5420/5424/7424 Order Ready SI #4993BV
Common A-Skus for Reference*

5420/5424/7424 256GB NVMe Dell A-Sku- AA806793
5420/5424/7424 512GB NVMe Dell A-Sku- AA806800
5420/5424/7424 1TB NVMe Dell A-Sku- AA806807
5420/5424/7424 2TB NVMe Dell A-Sku- AA806809
5424/7224 256GB SATA Dell A-Sku- AA806778
5424/7224 512GB SATA Dell A-Sku- AA806779
5424/7224 1TB SATA Dell A-Sku- AA806781
5424/7224 2TB SATA Dell A-Sku- AA806790
*More Drive options available in the Harmony Search tool.

Technical Specifications

Product Name Removable Solutions for Dell Rugged
Drive Form Factor SATA 2.5in
PBA - Pre Boot Authentication 0
Drive Bus SATA
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