VaultDisk® Mini-26128 Removable SSDs

Designed for Dell Small Form Factor Systems


Compatible with Dell Small Form Factor Systems

When security is your number one concern, you can remove, clone, and safely store your boot drive away from your Dell small form factor system, leaving no storage on the system itself.

The VaultDisk Mini-26128 removable SSD fits in any Dell small form factor system that’s equipped with one of our installation kits. This includes the Dell OptiPlex 3060, 5060, 7000, 7010, 7010 Plus, 7040, 7050, 7060, 7080, and 7090 as well as the Dell PowerEdge XE3 and XE4 SFF.

Key features include

Keep it secret, keep it safe

and leave no data on your system–remove and lock away drives that contain sensitive information

Reduce implementation risk

with validated, factory-integrated DIGISTOR SSDs which take the guesswork and time out of qualifying storage drives for your project

Recover quickly from disaster

and store your system backups on VaultDisk SSDs which can be used to quickly restore your system

No tools needed

so you can cold swap your boot drive in seconds

Types of VaultDisk Mini-26128 Products

Installation Kits

  • Each Dell system must be equipped with an installation kit to accept VaultDisk Mini-26128 SSDs. See the product list below to view and order the various options.

Non-Encrypting Drives

  • Protect systems with a standard removable storage drive that you can use to store and lock away important data
  • TAA compliant

TCG Opal 2.0 Drives

  • Protect business and customer data with the extra security features provided by TCG Opal 2.0
  • Always-on full drive encryption at the hardware level, ensuring fast access to your data with no speed decrease, unlike BitLocker
  • Address critical requirements for data governance and privacy programs: CMMC, HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, and PCI-DSS, and CCPA
  • Pre-boot authentication (PBA) capable
  • TAA Compliant


VaultDisk Mini-26128 Products

Click below to view the different VaultDisk Mini-26128 options:


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