Enterprise SSDs for Servers

Optimize Data Management and Security

Edge and Tactical Edge Storage Solutions

Data processing at the edge demands rapid access to information where quick decision-making is imperative. The durability and speed of the DIGISTOR Enterprise SSD series facilitates quicker data retrieval and application loading, efficiently delivering real-time insights.

Resistant to vibration and shock with DWPD ratings for read- and write-intensive and mixed-use applications, these drives enhance system reliability and minimize the risk of data loss, making them well-suited for dynamic and challenging operational scenarios.

Increased Server Storage Capacity, Endurance, Performance and Security

DIGISTOR works with you to find the right solution
  • We have storage solutions that others don’t, enabling you to remain on the cutting edge
  • Long program life allows you to lock down SSD builds so the same NAND, controller, and bill of material will be available for future needs
  • Higher-grade components and strong error correction code (ECC) handles large data workloads in demanding environments
  • TCG Opal 2.0 SSDs with 256-bit AES hardware encryption are available and allow you to meet security requirements

PCIe Gen 4 x4 NVMe Enterprise SSDs

DIGISTOR’s fourth-generation PCIe NVMe SSDs allow blazing-fast data access and transfer speeds up to 8 GB/s, twice that of PCIe Gen 3. Form factors include M.2, U.2, and U.3 alongside other features that allow our SSDs to handle demanding workloads.

SATA III Enterprise SSDs

Designed to work with systems using the SATA bus and connector, DIGISTOR SATA III enterprise offerings include 2.5-inch SSDs that are used for mixed-use or read-intensive applications.

Computational Storage

Built-in hardware-based compression improves server performance and makes your storage investment dollars go further with increased effective storage capacity, performance, and endurance. 


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