One of the major benefits of Blu-ray as a data archiving solution is the format’s durability. Traditional hard disk drives are prone to hardware failure as their components inevitably diminish over time. In addition, the technology’s read/write heads are delicate by nature, creating considerable concerns regarding the long-term performance of these devices. Even a simple jostling could be enough to break an HDD’s internal parts and lose one-of-a-kind documents and data forever. Blu-ray discs, meanwhile, are much sturdier, ensuring that this information will be available for years to come. Consumers and small business owners who choose to leverage Blu-ray for their data archiving solutions can take steps to enhance the longevity of their discs.

Only use high-quality media
Not all Blu-ray discs share the same level of quality and performance. The type of recording layer material and data signal polarity used on a particular disc will have a considerable effect on its usefulness as a storage device. Low-to-High Blu-ray media, for instance, uses an organic dye-pigment that features higher reflectivity than standard discs. Some organizations view LTH as a low-cost option for Blu-ray, as the format shares its manufacturing process with those used to print older media such as CDs. The upfront cost savings presented by LTH will evaporate over time as the format does not offer the same level of compatibility with newer devices as higher quality Blu-ray discs. Furthermore, the organic dye used in LTH media is much more sensitive to light, increasing the likelihood of users encountering errors when attempting to copy files to or access data from a disc.

Quality brands such as DIGISTOR and Panasonic exclusively offer High-to-Low media to provide much better performance and durability with their Blu-ray products. Unlike LTH media, HTL discs use inorganic alloy or composite material that features a much higher resistance to ultraviolet light, significantly slowing the aging process. Because HTL is the recognized standard for high-quality Blu-ray playback, it is compatible with a wide variety of internal and external Blu-ray burners and players.

Start with a clean burn
Some consumers and business users may make the assumption that – all things being considered – there isn’t much difference between various Blu-ray burners. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Low-quality hardware will not burn data to a disc with the precision offered by a better product. By ensuring that their hardware is making clean burns from the outset, individuals can increase the lifespan of their Blu-ray discs. That’s why it is imperative prospective Blu-ray adopters only purchase burners that have been extensively vetted by other users and have a documented history of meeting user expectations.

DIGISTOR’s hardware only uses the highest-quality Blu-ray burning laser components from top-of-the-line and trusted manufacturers like Panasonic. By ensuring that these products are built from the ground up with the best hardware available, DIGISTOR can offer a high-quality solution that will remain compatible with the latest developments in Blu-ray technology, offering reliable data storage for years to come.

Take care with storage
HTL Blu-ray discs are durable by their nature, but users can increase their longevity by following storage best practices. For instance, placing these assets in a cool, dry environment that’s free of caustic contaminants will enhance their resiliency. As a data archiving solution, Blu-ray is nearly unmatched in terms of durability, offering UV light and scratch resistant features. However, like any sensitive storage option, Blu-ray discs should be handled with care to maximize their lifespan.

By following these three guidelines, users can ensure that they get the most value from their archived data on Blu-ray media as well as reduce the possibility of losing important files or documents due to hardware degradation. When handled appropriately, Blu-ray offers one of the most reliable archiving formats available to consumers and small businesses.


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