The United States Navy faced a unique data security challenge – the need for swift, secure, and automated processes to manage CRU removable drives in a TOP SECRET operational environment. This challenge sparked the collaboration between DIGISTOR and Cigent, resulting in a groundbreaking solution known as the “DIGISTOR SDDS Solution.”

The US Navy’s Challenge

The Navy’s primary objectives were clear: unlock CRU removable drives securely, seamlessly configure them with a software RAID system, execute XFS formatting procedures for enhanced performance, and employ FIPS-certified encryption to safeguard sensitive data. All of this needed to be accomplished while harnessing the full capabilities of NVMe speeds.

Moreover, the Navy sought to transfer FIPS-encrypted drives to a separate TOP SECRET environment, where automation would play a key role in unlocking, transferring data at NVMe speeds, verifying successful data transfer, securely erasing the drive, and generating a confirmation log. Remarkably, due to advanced drive erasure verification, the Navy gained approval to repurpose the same drive for deployment within a SECRET environment, repeating the entire process.

The Innovative Solution

Through collaborative efforts, DIGISTOR and Cigent developed a script utilizing existing drive technology to automate these intricate operations. This solution empowered the U.S. Navy to execute its mission with heightened security and efficiency, marking a significant advancement in operational capabilities.

The DIGISTOR Advantage

Unlike traditional methods, Cigent’s patented erase verification proved superior to simple crypto erase, aiming for NSA approval. This unique capability allowed the Navy to repurpose drives confidently, knowing that sensitive data had been securely erased.

The Automated Process

The automation script developed by DIGISTOR and Cigent streamlined the entire process on RHEL:

  1. Password Prompt or USB Authentication: The script initiates by prompting for a password or using USB authentication to unlock the drive.
  2. Data Transfer: A copy script efficiently transfers data to a new location.
  3. Patented Drive Erasure: The Cigent patented erase, superior to simple crypto erase, wipes the drive clean, setting the stage for repurposing.
  4. Drive Rebuilding: The script automates the complete rebuilding of the drive, offering the option to prompt for a new password or refer to an existing one stored on a USB.
  5. Locking with FIPS/CSfC Encryption Engine: Finally, the drive is locked using the FIPS/CSfC Encryption Engine, ensuring that the repurposed drive is secure for deployment in a new classification.


The DIGISTOR Secure Data Drop and Sanitize (SDDS) Solution not only meets but exceeds the intricate demands of the U.S. Navy’s data management in highly classified environments. This collaborative effort showcases the power of innovative technology to enhance security, efficiency, and automation, setting a new standard for secure data handling in sensitive operational environments.


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