With this post, we delve into DIGISTOR’s new enterprise SSD lineup, a series of drives designed to meet the stringent requirements of servers on the edge (including the tactical edge) and other high-demand environments.

The Cutting Edge of Enterprise Storage Solutions

Our new enterprise SSD lineup is redefining what’s possible in terms of storage capacity within remarkably compact designs. 

Leading the charge is the DIGISTOR M.2 22110 SSD, a drive designed to meet the robust requirements of servers in tactical edge deployments. This TAAl-compliant SSD provides the secure 7.68TB capacity in the M.2 form factor that nobody else has delivered, representing our dedication to pushing technological boundaries to meet stringent customer requirements.

Our 30.72TB U.3 SSD is also a standout product, offering a storage capacity that’s twice what’s available from other manufacturers in the same form factor. This drive is also TAA-compliant, as well as TCG Opal-compliant, and built for high-performance servers and read-intensive workflows.

With this lineup, we are setting new standards in the storage industry. Each SSD is a blend of innovative design and robust functionality, aimed at tackling the diverse and challenging demands of server applications. Whether it’s handling large-scale data processing, ensuring swift data access, or providing unwavering data security, our SSDs are built to deliver. This range is a testament to DIGISTOR’s ability to anticipate and respond to the dynamic requirements of our customers, marking a significant leap forward in enterprise storage solutions.

A Forward-Looking Approach to Enterprise Storage

The DIGISTOR enterprise SSD lineup is rooted in a forward-looking approach, anticipating and shaping the future of enterprise secure storage. This vision is about meeting current demands–as well as foreseeing future challenges and opportunities. Our focus is on developing storage solutions that are adaptable, scalable, and capable of evolving alongside the rapidly changing technological landscape. This approach ensures that our products not only serve immediate storage needs but also provide a robust foundation for future growth and technological integration, keeping businesses at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.

Embrace the Future with DIGISTOR

As we unveil this new lineup, we invite the DoD, intelligence agencies, and others with secure data requirements to experience the future of storage technology with DIGISTOR. Our enterprise SSDs are key enablers for organizations to harness the power of their data more effectively.


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