Since the advent of cloud computing, many critics have questioned the stability and security of these services, particularly in regard to data storage. Business users and consumers alike have turned to the cloud for their primary or supplementary storage needs, entrusting the safekeeping of critical files and information to third parties. Most of the concerns surrounding cloud-based data storage have centered around the issue of cybersecurity. Many company leaders hold an intrinsic mistrust toward external organizations promising to hold and protect sensitive information on remote servers. Despite any assurances that can be offered by these businesses, cloud service providers are just as vulnerable to a data breach as any other entity.

Dropbox, for instance, has been on the receiving end of multiple data breaches, driving concerns regarding the organization’s ability to effectively secure access to user information. Earlier this year, two white-hat developers circumvented the company’s security processes, allowing them to potentially hijack Dropbox accounts and even view encrypted files, according to Computerworld. If these methods fell into the wrong hands, accounts belonging to numerous users could be susceptible to a costly and damaging breach.

Will cloud storage be available for the long haul?
There is another major issue that cloud storage users should concern themselves with, however. In recent months, multiple cloud-based data storage providers have shuttered operations, leaving their clientele in the lurch. The closure of Nirvanix placed many of its customers in a bind, as many needed to find alternative storage solutions for large volumes of data within a short period of time. According to TechTarget contributor Jim Lyons, more than 1,000 Nirvanix users were given mere weeks to move approximately 40 petabytes of files to other servers or devices. Although industry observers such as Computer Weekly contributor Simon Robinson noted that such closures are not necessarily indicative of a widespread trend, cloud storage clients should take precautions to ensure they aren’t left in the cold if their provider closes up shop.

While Nirvanix customers were given some forewarning that they needed to migrate their data elsewhere, this isn’t always the case. Network World reported that clients of MegaCloud were recently unable to access the data storage provider’s services without any prior notice.

“When attempting to access, it returns a notice that the site could not be found,” the source stated. “None of the other sites associated with MegaCloud work either, such as the features page, pricing information and the contact links.”

With no forthcoming information regarding the nature of the outage or a timetable for when clients can expect services to resume – assuming they ever do – MegaCloud users have been forced to carry on without the files, documents and data they stored through the organization. For consumers, this may represent a mere inconvenience, but business-oriented clients may not be able to access critical information that was entrusted to MegaCloud. This lack of data availability could have drastic repercussions for many users who rely on this cloud-based data storage service.

To avoid similar outages from adversely affecting small business operations, company leaders should consider deploying state-of-the-art data archiving solutions. These organizations cannot afford to lose access to their critical information and need to have backup alternatives in place if primary options go down. DIGISTOR REWIND offers a secure, reliable and cost-effective method to archive valuable data for long-term access. Because this service utilizes high-capacity Blu-ray discs, businesses can extend the range of their backup efforts as far as they wish. When one disc has reached its capacity, another can simply be inserted to continue the archiving process. In order to begin benefiting from DIGISTOR REWIND, organizations only need to install a quality Blu-ray burner and compatible discs. This way, small business owners can rest easy knowing their valuable data will be available at any time even if their primary options are inaccessible.


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