Mac consumers who store a number of videos, music and photos on their machines may eventually experience storage space shortage. This can result in some difficult decisions as users have to clear out older files to make way for their newest additions. However, just because a Mac’s hard drive is running low on storage space does not necessarily mean that individuals need to begin dumping their family photos, one-of-a-kind videos and favorite songs to address the issue. There are several alternative options they can pursue.

First, users should identify exactly which files are hogging most of their storage space. They could slog through directory after directory, cataloging files to do this. However, as CNET editor Sharon Vaknin suggested, they could download and run the free Disk Inventory X application. This program analyzes the contents of a system and arranges files by their size, giving users a clear look at which files are taking up the most space.

Bolder Mac users can leverage more advanced techniques to clear up space. Cult of Mac contributor Rob LeFebvre suggested several avenues for removing unnecessary files, software and applications. One option is to delete the user cache files that can be left behind after an app has been removed from the system. However, individuals who attempt this method should be cautious not to delete cache files related to apps they still use. One of the riskier and more advanced techniques to free up storage space is disabling SafeSleep mode. Although this method can remove some clutter, it can also result in the loss of the system’s saved states that are created while it is in hibernation mode.

A more sensible option may be to invest in an additional storage device. For instance, DIGISTOR’s REWIND data archiving solutions allow users to store their family videos and photos among other treasured media files for future access. By deploying a robust backup utility, Mac customers can increase their storage capacity without deleting their priceless files.


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