Since the advent of free-to-use public cloud storage options, Flickr has long been the platform of choice for consumers interested in storing their photos online. However, the site’s performance has suffered as of late, according to GNT, resulting in a loss of subscribers. To stem the tide of falling subscription rates, the online storage provider recently offered potential clients with a terabyte of free storage space.

As CNET noted, however, there are already numerous avenues available for users to store their photos in an online database with near-limitless storage space that are completely free of charge. Furthermore, individuals posting personal files online have always run the risk of that information becoming public knowledge. There are any number of ways that a photo uploaded to an online storage space for private viewing could find a wider audience. User error, malicious activity and programming glitches can all bring personal photos to public attention. Flicker itself experienced such an incident earlier this year. Marketing Land reported that a bug in the site’s code resulted in numerous photos marked as private by users being made visible to the public.

For consumers who need a long-term solution to their photo storage needs but are concerned about the privacy and availability issues regarding online methods, archiving software may be a viable alternative. DIGISTOR’s REWIND data archiving solutions provide easy-to-use storage applications that will allow consumers to develop a massive collection of photos, music, videos and other files without taxing the storage capacity of their computer. By using scratch-resistant, recordable Blu-ray discs, REWIND can extend the size of a photo archive to whatever size a person may desire. When one disc has reached capacity, users can simply insert another and continue the archive process without disruption. Furthermore, the Restore command is included on each disc, so there is no need to worry about reinstalling software if an individual switches to a new computer.


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