Pre-made desktop PCs are much more customizable than most consumers realize. For instance, most – if not all – PCs on the market come equipped with a 5.25-inch drive bay. Now, some users may never even realize that the drive is there, much less give serious consideration to utilizing it to increase the functionality of their machine. There are many options available to consumers ranging from the pragmatic to the ridiculous, but the best way to get the most out of a drive bay is to install a Blu-ray burner for media viewing and data storage needs.

Desktop Review has suggested several options to take advantage of open bay drives, including installing cooling fans, card readers and removable drive enclosures. These applications are all practical solutions, but the average user will most likely never notice or need the benefits provided by additional cooling resources or supplementary card reader ports.

Meanwhile, Lifehacker offered more impractical applications for an empty bay drive. The publication found 7-inch LCD monitors, toasters and cup holders that were designed for 5.25-inch bay drives. These products may seem good for a laugh or two, but ultimately most consumers would benefit from an application that they will actually use.

Installing a Blu-ray burner would allow users to watch and create videos with high-definition clarity. DIGISTOR offers the only slot load Blu-ray burner in the world that is compatible with the 5.25-inch bay drive. In addition to covering consumers’ media viewing needs, DIGISTOR’s DIG-68100 internal Blu-ray drive allows users to archive their one-of-a-kind files, including photos and home movies.


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