With such a large number of existing Solid State Drive (SSD) vendors it can be very confusing for the end user to decide which drive is the right drive. If you have done even a little research on SSD the first thing you notice is the overwhelming number of SSD manufacturers available, as well as the huge range of prices and specification variables. It can be quite confusing trying to understand which SSD drive will work best for your specific application. The first step is to understand your application requirements and focus on finding a product that will give you exactly what you need. There are many variations of SSD’s available on the market, some are designed to be Hard Drive upgrades, and other drives are configured to make sure they will never fail even in the toughest conditions. Military applications may call for a drive that can handle very high temperatures and vibration, while a user wanting to upgrade a computer may just want a simple performance boost thus a lower grade SSD may suffice.


The DIGISTOR Professional Video Series SSD was designed with one very specific application in mind, Uncompressed HD Video acquisition and work flow utilizing the Blackmagic Designs Cinema Camera the Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle and the Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio. Our design is optimized to handle high definition uncompressed 10-bit and 12-bit RAW video capture. The DIGISTOR™ Professional Video Series SSD drives use the highest quality controller and NAND memory components which allow for high performance, but also multiple data deletions without performance degradation.  An unfortunate quality of many Solid State storage devices is that the more data or in this case video files that are deleted from the drive, the performance can start to decline. The DIGISTOR™ Professional Video Series SSD drives were designed to fight against data deletion performance loss, which allows for users to get the most out of the SSD drive from both a performance and durability perspective.  This will allow for a tremendous user experience both now and as the drives are used in the coming years, at a very reasonable price point.

Another very key feature is drive formatting; most drives on the market today are unformatted leaving it up to the end user to deal with compatibility issues on their own. The DIGISTOR™ Professional Video Series SSD is formatted in the exFAT format which allows for maximum compatibility with Mac, PC and Blackmagic Design devices without the constant re-formatting. There are no proprietary drivers or software needed, the DIGISTOR Professional Video Series SSD drives are the most compatible drives on the market. The Professional Video Series SSD drives from DIGISTOR™ were designed and are certified for use with the Blackmagic Design platform of products and currently come in 240GB & 480GB configurations.


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