Wedding videography is a steadily growing field, with promising growth prospects in the near term. Robust consumer demand for high-quality video means that videographers must be diligent about how they shoot, store and backup their footage. For these purposes, professionals can get started with a DIGISTOR Professional Video SSD, which unlike many off-the-shelf SSD drives is optimized for Blackmagic hardware. Accordingly, it can rapidly and reliably capture uncompressed video, which is the ideal medium in terms of image quality and suitability for editing.

Photography and videography are two specific subsections of the wedding industry that will grow over the next five years. According to research analyzed by, the industry has a current value of $51 billion, and it is expected to expand by 2.3 percent between 2013 and 2018, as wedding participants ramp up spending on photo, video and floral arrangements.

“The average wedding costs more now than before, despite the fact that the overall economy is still not in its most favorable position,” said CEO Brett Reynolds. “Even so, the wedding industry has thrived and will continue to do so in the next 10, 20, or 30 years.”

A blog post from A Peachy Life Productions highlighted the lasting appeal of wedding videography, implying that even consumers may choose to supplement photography with video once they realize the level of quality and fidelity that a professional videographer can produce. To obtain results of this caliber, videographers can utilize high-performance DIGISTOR SSDs. In addition to exceptional speed and reliability, these SSDs offer capacities up to 480 GB and can be purchased in convenient packs of three or five.

Using discs and archiving solutions to preserve video
Once the initial footage is captured, videographers may choose to perform extensive edits that make the video suitable for distribution via DVD, Blu-ray Disc or the Web. Editing typically entails compressing the video for different codecs and containers, which can result in the production of numerous files.

Before running footage through editing software, videographers should make a clean backup of the originals in order to ensure that there is always a high-fidelity master from which to make changes. After adding effects or splicing in b-roll footage, it may be advisable to archive video, whether it be the original or a copy, for long-term storage and eventual reproduction. Data archiving solutions such as DIGISTOR REWIND are ideal for these workflows since they enable the quick yet comprehensive transfer of video from a Mac or PC to recordable Blu-ray media.

In a blog post, media professional Matt Johnson described his favorite ways to backup video footage, focusing primarily on external hard drives and optical discs. He advised using the latter as high-capacity media for HD video, although he cautioned users to check the vendor’s credentials as well as the discs’ country of origin.

“Since I backup so much HD video it is really more economically feasible to use Blu-ray Discs for backup,” wrote Johnson. “I have used DIGISTOR Blu-ray Discs with no problems.”


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