The amount of data being generated in the world continues to reach new heights and is showing no signs of abating. According to IDC, the amount of data in the world will double every two years through 2020, when every person on the planet will account for more than 5,200 gigabytes of data. The rapidly increasing amount of data has put additional strain on the storage needs of individuals and companies of all sizes alike.

As businesses age and expand, older data ceases to be used in everyday operations. However, because businesses may still need to access that information at a future time, it cannot simply be discarded. At the same time, managers need to clear storage space to accommodate mission critical files that are needed on a regular basis. In these circumstances, many experts suggest that enterprises employ data archiving solutions to better manage data storage needs.

TechTarget contributor Brien Posey suggested several factors for professionals to keep in mind when launching a data archiving project. One of the key components of a successful initiative is having in place a comprehensive policy that dictates all aspects of the data archiving process. A solid policy should include how personnel determine what data can be archived, what equipment and media type will be used in the process, how long the data will be stored and who will have access to it once archiving is complete.

Businesses should also plan for future compatibility issues. If a company switches operating systems down the road, their archiving tools may not function properly. To avoid this scenario, companies of all sizes should consider an archiving solution that is compatible with both Mac and PC systems, such as DIGISTOR’s REWIND software. Users can harness this technology to conveniently store their files for later access.


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