If you’re configuring custom or semi-custom client desktop or workstation for security conscious customers, it’s critical to ensure that all the components work together as well as sourced from a secure and reliable supply chain. Until now, supporting these customers with a removable storage solution required selection of the removable hardware and the physical storage from multiple suppliers. 

Compatibility can’t be assured, and assembly, test and arbitrating support between multiple suppliers is up to you. Fact is, with today’s high speed storage interfaces such as NVMe, not every SSD will work in every system; some systems require additional connections and cabling to make the storage removable. Each step in the path has the potential to degrade the signal to the point of unusability.

To make matters even more challenging, many customers require any combination of FIPS 140-2 compliance, TAA compliant material sourcing and multi-year product availability and support—not easy with today’s typical commercial-grade off-the-shelf SSD drives. 

Recently, we combined our CRU rugged removables and Digistor secure storage brands—both leaders in their respective categories—into the same company, and now we’re excited to announce the first combined solution offering. Our new pre-integrated series of CRU removables incorporate our most popular versions of Digistor secure SSDs. This includes our popular DP SATA removables and QX NVMe removable systems designed to fit in virtually any standard 3.5-inch, 5.25-inch, or Optical Disk Drive (ODD) bay. 

Simply select the type of removable you need for the system you’re configuring and select the capacity and security features required for the application. That’s it. You’ll receive a complete removable solution with the storage pre-installed, validated, tested, and ready to install out of the box. 

In addition to complete systems, we also make it easy for you to support your customer with storage upgrade and replacement storage by offering pre-integrated removable carriers (also known as caddies) with same storage spec’d in the kit even if that need is multiple years in the future. Not something easy to do with typical consumer/commercial grade SSD storage.


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