Data backup solutions are an essential component of any successful organization. At any given time, a primary storage device could experience a hardware failure that results in the loss of mission-critical information. All electronic equipment has a finite lifespan, meaning that eventually the devices that businesses depend on to store data such as revenue figures, billing information and payroll will one day cease to operate. It is essential that organizations, regardless of their size, have a backup solution in place to maintain business continuity. 

Both small businesses and small towns struggle with implementing a successful data backup plan, however. According to a recently released report by Veeam Software, many small and medium-sized businesses have experienced difficulties juggling the cost and complexity of their data backup and recovery systems, eWeek reported. Eighty-five percent reported that their current backup solution was too expensive. Respondents cited several areas where those costs were being felt. Fifty-one percent of survey participants identified high management expenses while 48 percent reported paying exorbitant licensing fees for their backup solutions.

Small town governments lack backup solutions
Similar concerns have been expressed by officials in small towns across the country as well. The Patriot Ledger's David Riley reported that many small towns in Massachusetts have failed to adequately back up sensitive files on local government servers. A 2010 Division of Local Services survey of small towns within the state that found that approximately 75 percent of respondents reported having no data recovery plan in place. Without a proper system to backup and restore lost data, these departments could experience major setbacks. 

"Losing this information might be costly," Riley wrote. "Allowing private information to get into the wrong hands could lead to lawsuits or compensation for victims. The loss of important data also could hamper town operations or fail to meet requirements of state public records rules, which require municipalities to retain certain records in digital formats."

Consumers, however, require simple and easy-to-use applications that do not require the oversight of an expensive disaster recovery expert for their data backup needs. An elegant answer to this dilemma would be to use a data archiving solution to create backup discs of important files such as home movies or family photos. Unlike a cloud-based alternative, this option would not require users to sign any service agreement contracts or trust a third-party entity with control of their information. Furthermore, Blu-ray discs are a highly durable form of media, meaning consumers do not need to be concerned about hardware degradation or failure. With this data archiving solution, individuals can rest easy knowing their irreplaceable documents will be secure in the event of an emergency.


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