Independent filmmakers and professionals are increasingly finding that Blackmagic's Pocket Cinema camera delivers the flexibility they need to carry out a range of tasks. The commercial SSD cameras provide cinematographers with a versatile option, whether they are working at a holiday celebration or putting together a holiday-oriented commercial project for a major client.

Using Blackmagic's cameras is an intuitive experience for many cinematographers, Jaron Schneider wrote in Fstoppers. Switching to the company's product from those offered by other manufacturers can be a smooth and simple process. The cameras are compatible with professional SSD drives such as those offered by DIGISTOR. The company's Professional Series of SSD drives for video offer uncompressed video capture and reliable long-term recording of up to 480GB of footage.

"If you shoot video with digital single-lens reflex cameras, you'll notice the build is pretty similar to the Nikon or Canon bodies you are used to," Schneider wrote. "It doesn't have a grip, but it does sport the same boxy design. Unlike cameras such as the Sony FS7000, visually the design makes me immediately more comfortable with the camera since it mimics the look of what I know and love so closely. Not only that, it easily fits into nearly the same arrangement in bags and backpacks that my DSLRs do."

Filming events
Professional videographers are becoming key parts of weddings as more couples look to go beyond the services offered by photographers. Video shot by devices such as Blackmagic cameras using SSD drives has advantages over still photography that may not become evident until long after the event is over, Kellee Khalil wrote in The Huffington Post. Video can preserve not only how people looked at the time that an event was taking place, it can also preserve how they sounded and the way they moved. SSD drives can be used to preserve such memories captured through Blackmagic cameras for future generations.

"Both pictures and videos have an unreal quality: they can stop time," Khalil wrote. "But videos allow you to see and hear your grandfather's joy as you invite him onto the dance floor for a special dance alone with you."

Videographers also have the ability to capture moments around an event that might otherwise have gotten lost. In the case of a wedding, this could be the minutes of final preparation that the bride and groom go through before the ceremony or helpful advice offered by friends and family.

"Blackmagic Cinema Camera is both affordable and a complete solution because it includes a built-in recorder and monitoring, so it's perfect for displacing video-only cameras for work such as sporting events, weddings, music videos and more," ParksFernandez creative director and strategist Duane Fernandez wrote in Left Field Project.


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