SSD drives have a number of advantages over traditional hard drive storage solutions. One of the major benefits of these machines is their durability. Hard disk drives have been the go-to data storage solution for consumers for years. However, they are not without their drawbacks. Specifically, the presence of moving parts makes traditional hard drives vulnerable to physical damage. According to Lifehacker contributor Nick Parsons, physical damage is one of the most common causes for data loss among consumers.

"Given the complexity of modern drives it's no wonder that somewhere along the line something will go wrong," Parsons wrote.  "When the drive suffers from some form of failure there's often little that you can do yourself to get the data back."

Consumers who are worried about the durability of their data storage devices may want to consider investing in an SSD drive. These devices do not have the internal moving parts that are present in traditional hard drives such as read/write heads, meaning the technology can provide greater durability and present a much smaller risk of data loss caused by damaged equipment.

According to PC World, SSD drives provide greater performance as well, representing the fastest data storage format on the market. The lack of moving parts allows these devices to read, write and access data at a faster rate than hard drives under most conditions.

Those enhanced performance levels will be especially beneficial for users with high-definition video recording needs. Whether the consumer is a professional videographer or simply an amateur enthusiast, SSD drives provide the data-rate capabilities to handle high fidelity, uncompressed video capture duties. Using a traditional hard drive for these purposes will likely result in video distortions such as dropped frames. For users who need quality uncompressed video capture functionality, DIGISTOR's line of SSD drives can provide supreme performance and durability.


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