Mobile photographers often worry about whether they will have enough room on their memory cards to complete a job. One way to alleviate this dread of filling up a card is to have an SSD drive on hand to store files as they are created.

Portability has not always been the defining characteristic of commercial SSD drives. In the past, the devices may have been problematic to use in the field. However, DIGISTOR's external SSD solution provides a portable and easy means of storing photos while in the field. The ultra-compact drive is small enough to fit in a user's pocket, but is capable of speeds of up to 400MBs per second when  it is hooked up to a USB 3.0 port on a laptop. The drive is powered through the USB connection, making additional power drives or adapters unnecessary.

Revolutionary SSD
The advent of commercial SSD drives in recent years has helped to change the way that data is stored, overshadowing the much slower hybrid hard drive storage options that had previously dominated the market. SSD and flash storage have both entered the mainstream by providing a more efficient solution than their predecessors, Jim O'Reilly wrote in InformationWeek. SSD drives were initially introduced in 2007 but rollout was slow as the technology had to overcome design problems and applications that were designed for use with HDD. Today's SSD drives offer users a robust and versatile storage solution.

Adoption has picked up to the point that flash and SSD are mainstream. Sales volumes doubled in the first quarter over the same period last year and growth tripled year-over-year by the third quarter. Advances in the technology and the storage space offered have been a substantial help, as SSD drives have outstripped HHD storage in terms of cost and performance.

SSD drives offer versatility that cannot be matched by other storage options, particularly for photographers in the field. The convenience and speed provided by DIGISTOR's External SSD USB 3.0 drive allows professionals to store their data as they work, letting them erase their memory cards as needed without fear that their images may be lost.


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