As broadband and web design resources increase, businesses have to option to give their websites previously unseen features including high-definition video that can effectively draw in more prospective consumers. For instance, Inman News contributor Bernice Ross recently suggested that realtors hire professional videographers to create high-quality videos to help showcase houses on the market. These videos can be used to create virtual tours to guide prospective homeowners through an available unit.

To capitalize on the growing trend of professional websites utilizing high-definition multimedia, videographers need to have the best resources available to them to provide a quality product. One of the most sought after professional-class cameras on the market today is the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera. According to video protection hardware merchant AValive, the Blackmagic Design product features unparalleled clarity and functionality for the professional videographer.

“Achieving film-like fidelity in your videos is effortless with this camera and the sheer and supreme convenience of wielding the raw footage (to perfection) continues all the way to the post-production stage,” the vendor stated. “The Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera is just the right tool for a keen videographer who not only wants to capture spectacular images but also wishes to improve with every shot.”

One of the main appeals of Blackmagic camera technology is its potential to capture uncompressed video, providing greater image resolution and clarity. However, to use this advanced feature requires the application of an SSD drive capable of handling intensive video capture tasks. This can be tricky for prospective purchasers as not all products on the market can facilitate this requirement. DIGISTOR’s Professional Video Series SSD is specifically designed to meet the full range of needs of the modern professional videographer, including capturing full uncompressed HD video. Users can quickly copy their recorded media and make necessary edits directly from the disk. In addition, because these devices do not run on any moving parts, they provide much better durability than traditional hard drives. With its resilience and processing speed, DIGISTOR’s professional video SSD drive may be the perfect companion to a shoot.


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