For enterprises in industries like aerospace, medical care and data center operation, reliable, versatile storage is essential. These organizations have highly specific, rigorous needs, and it is imperative that they be able to seamlessly integrate durable storage media and equipment into their complex networked environments. The often volatile operating conditions at their on-site facilities raises the stakes even further, necessitating storage that can work in extreme temperatures, withstand vibrations from nearby machinery and operate peacefully alongside other mission-critical devices.

A DIGISTOR Industrial SSD is the perfect fit for industries that face these conditions every day. DIGISTOR's solid-state drives offer endless customization options for capacity, security features, read/write speeds, form factor and NAND flash type, meaning that enterprises can procure storage solutions designed to satisfy specific business cases. Going forward, flash storage may become the norm in heavy industry, now that more organizations are realizing that it provides clear benefits over tape and magnetic storage in an increasingly affordable package.

Reliable solid-state storage: The ideal solution for complex data centers
SSD drives have enjoyed a gradual rise in industrial use. In the past, flash storage in the enterprise was mostly limited to tiny devices like SD cards and CompactFlash. Companies held back on large SSDs because of what they perceived as high cost of ownership, especially in comparison to capacious HDDs. However, the technological refinement and declining price of NAND flash means that the tide is turning.

Writing for Electronic Engineering Times, Swissbit AG's Roger Griesemer chronicled the inroads that industrial SSDs have made in the enterprise. More specifically, SSD drives have proven ideal for handling the massive amounts of data that enterprise applications now generate routinely and often automatically. As data centers expand to keep up with these storage needs, operators must contend with possible outages and high electricity bills.

Fortunately for enterprises, one of the key benefits of a DIGISTOR SSD is that has a low power consumption rate, which is enhanced by its ability to let the administrator shut down specific portions of the drive not in use. Even in that state, the drive still maintains awareness with the operating system and reliably stores data. With power-efficient SSDs, industrial enterprises can ensure that storage management does not become another issue in their data centers.

"In comparison to HDDs, SSDs are less noisy and more reliable, energy efficient, and shock and vibration proof," explained Griesemer. "Add to this a longer operational life span – nearly 10 years as compared to only a few years with HDDs – and their only disadvantage today is their increased price per density, which is continually decreasing."

Even before SSDs reach true price parity with HDDs, their reliability may provide the impetus for enterprises to switch to flash. DIGISTOR SSDs utilize robust Error Correction Code in combination with Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements, resulting in data protection rates that are up to 100 times better than enterprise HDDs. Data can be kept securely, even in difficult operating conditions.


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