For media professionals such as videographers, an individual is only as good as his or her output. That is why it is important that members of this industry archive their important digital video at the highest quality possible in order to preserve its integrity. Equipment failures can occur at any time and result in the corruption of both physical and digital media. Media professionals, particularly those running a small operation, often cannot afford to weather incidents in which massive numbers of video files are lost. Long-term projects may need to be scrapped and more immediate obligations such as covering a wedding may not be fulfilled, resulting in dissatisfied clients and bad word of mouth.

Data archiving solutions such as DIGISTOR’s Personal Archive Blu-ray Burner offer peace of mind, leaving users feeling secure in the knowledge that their important video files can be accessed even in the event of a primary system failure. According to audio visual legacy consulting group Media Matters, archiving video digitally will ensure that the backed-up copy is identical to the original. By choosing a lower quality archiving option, individuals may find that their stored video files are grainy and lack the clarity and crispness of the master copy. DIGISTOR’s data archiving solutions can secure a permanent copy of any important media file, available for recovery when needed.

Digital archiving is quickly becoming a must for any organization that wishes to retain its vast stores of video files. The National Archives and Records Administration, for instance, launched a digital vault in 2008 for visitors to peruse and view high-quality images of its stored content. This will ensure that these one-of-a-kind works continue to be available to the public at large for years to come.

Choosing a reliable archiving solution
Human rights organization Witness recently published a guide to archiving video for media professionals and other individuals to consult when attempting to back up important documents. The group stressed several important factors to consider during the archiving process, including what solutions are used, which videos should be prioritized and ensuring that a long-term solution is in place. Witness also noted that when outsourcing archiving duties to a third party, there are many more issues to consider and challenges to overcome, such as how reliable and trustworthy a service provider is and if it can accommodate an organization’s security and privacy needs.

For small organizations and self-employed professionals, it can ultimately be easier to simply archive their videos themselves. By choosing sophisticated data archiving solutions, individuals can eliminate the various headaches associated with employing a third party. DIGISTOR’s Personal Archive Recorder provides users with every tool they will need to permanently archive their media files. By backing up important video to Blu-ray discs, media professionals can be sure that they will continue to have access to these resources when they are needed down the road. In many instances, data backup initiatives are either hamstrung or completely scrapped due to the various archiving challenges. With DIGISTOR solutions, however, individuals will have a quick and easy-to-use application to copy all of their important data.


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