Consumers today have a range of data storage options available to them, including traditional hard disk drives, cloud-based solutions and flash memory-enabled devices ranging from removable media to state-of-the-art solid state drives. While each option has its strengths and weaknesses, SSD drives are the most advanced data storage solution available on the market today. For computer users who want to improve the performance of their systems by reducing the amount of time needed to read and write data, SSD technology is the most useful tool available.

Data recovery specialist Terry Philpott recently highlighted the advantages of SSDs for Bdaily, noting that the technology provides greater speed and durability than HDDs. Because devices use NAND flash memory and have no internal moving parts, they are not as susceptible to data loss resulting from physical damage. This also means that SSD drives emit much less noise when in operation, providing a more pleasant user experience. Although SSD drives are typically more expensive investments than HDDs, the price of the technology has been falling in recent years.

According to IT expert and Galway Independent contributor Eamon Walsh, replacing a computer’s legacy hard drive with an SSD solution is worth the expense and effort. One of the issues users will face in this upgrade process is the need to reinstall their operating system. Prospective SSD drive owners should ensure that they have access to the necessary boot disc before attempting such a feat. Without an applicable OS in place, a computer will be largely useless to the vast majority of consumers. If this venture seems too daunting, users can always supplement their existing drive with an SSD solution. This way, they do not need to worry about rebooting an operating system, but can still enjoy the enhanced performance of SSD technology.


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