DIGISTOR partnered with a leading video system storage integrator to develop a solid state drive designed for the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, capable of capturing 4K uncompressed raw video.

While there was multiple Blackmagic camera compatible SSD’s currently on the market, many of these off the shelf solutions did not provide the performance and reliability required by video professionals. In particular, there were major issues with dropped frames and durability of the SSD when deployed in the field.

The Challenge

DIGISTOR completed a comprehensive analysis of the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras usage of SSD storage media. The approach was to have a better understanding of the actual data access patterns.

Very quickly, DIGISTOR was able to identify critical requirements that needed to be addressed in order to develop an SSD solution that would successfully meet the storage media needs of Blackmagic Cinema Camera customers.

  • Speed. It was critical that the SSD be able to handle a consistently high speed data throughput under any circumstance.
  • Reliability. The problem of dropped frames was prevalent and unacceptable.
  • Durability. A form factor design that nested firmly inside Blackmagic Cameras.
  • Locked Firmware. Firmware changes without advance notice were causing drives to fail in the field.

The Solution

DIGISTOR worked for months on a variety of configurations. Once they had a solid working platform they focused on optimizing the firmware for this specific application with the goal to create the most reliable SSD for video capture on the market.

DIGISTOR engineering enabled their integration partner to consistently achieve sustained high speed throughput, allowing for reliable and consistent results.

The Results

DIGISTOR has become a leading supplier of SSD drives into the Professional Video market.

DIGISTOR has shipped thousands of drives into many markets supporting professional video cameras through our integration partner including:

2014 World Cup Events
Churches throughout USA and South America
Broadcasting companies deployed throughout EU


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