As more consumers and organizations upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8, they may find that their old hardware is not compatible with Microsoft's latest operating system. This is particularly troublesome for individuals who rely on their Blu-ray burners for comprehensive data archiving. If their hardware is unable to function properly on a Windows 8 platform, they will be unable to securely store and back up critical files and documents, leaving themselves vulnerable to costly data loss. 

Go with DIGISTOR for complete compatibility
For those who want to make sure that they can reliably copy information to disc on their Windows 8-based computers, DIGISTOR's line of Blu-ray burners has the answer. DIGISTOR drives fully support Windows 8, eliminating any concerns about compatibility. Both consumers and business operators can use the REWIND software that comes bundled with every Blu-ray burner to quickly and easily back up their important and irreplaceable files and documents to a permanent personal archive on Blu-ray disc. This way, any crucial data can be safely stored in the event that it needs to be retrieved at a later date. Organizations ranging from Amazon to Facebook have begun to recognize Blu-ray as a cost-effective, durable and scalable format for data archiving. Smaller operations and individuals can similarly use the media format for their long-term storage needs.

DIGISTOR also has users covered for their video playback needs. Most DIGISTOR Blu-ray burners also come equipped with ArcSoft software, enabling users to not only burn media files to disc, but to play them on their computers as well. By choosing a DIGISTOR device with both multimedia and archive software packages, customers can enjoy a full range of high-end features, including video playback and data archiving. Even those individuals who have a preferred software package for their disc-burning needs won't be left in the cold. As long as the program is compatible with Windows 8, it will work flawlessly with a DIGISTOR device. No off-the-shelf product will be able to provide the full range of features, compatibility and performance benefits offered by DIGISTOR external Blu-ray burners.


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