Recognizing Professional Quality SSD Drives
Protect your video shoot from data loss by choosing a certified SSD manufacturer. You’ve researched, read reviews, and finally found the perfect cinema camera that sets the standard in images and innovative experience. The right camera opens possibilities, so why choose accessories that could compromise the quality of your work?

SSDs may all appear to offer the same simplicity and convenience, but they’re not equally made to compliment your professional equipment. Most modern SSDs are designed with a 7mm thickness, which doesn’t fit well with higher-end equipment such as Blackmagic Design’s Production or Cinema cameras.

Those lesser-quality SSDs may include spacers to fill the gap, but these aren’t custom for your camera and inevitably rattle around in the slot, causing audible issues and weakening the drive connection with the camera.

Our standard 9mm designed-to-fit SSDs isn’t the only reason DIGISTOR is a recommended retailer of SSDs for  Blackmagic Design hardware, but we do test our SSDs to fit their professional cameras – making sure the only action in your film is outside the camera, not rattling around inside.

Don’t Let an Inferior SSD Ruin Your Shoot
Just because a drive is solid state, doesn’t mean it’s of equal quality. If you want to work with high-quality video that you can edit straight from the disk, you need an SSD that pulls its own weight by recording raw video without dropping frames.

The average drive will falter when repeatedly tasked with processing high throughput video data. Others use hidden data compression algorithms to achieve the advertised speed, but can only process data at the rate their manufacturers claim when storing blank data, or simple files- and your images are anything but.

When inferior SSDs are faced with constant video capture, their true data write speeds reveal the inefficiency of the drive. It’s estimated that some SSDs have up to 50% lower write speed than the manufacturer claims, which can cause costly reshoots or missed opportunities, when filming live events for example. A single frame drop can ruin an entire shoot.

Avoiding Equipment Breakdown
When you think about all the strain of an inferior drive trying to process raw images, it’s no wonder the NAND flash starts to degrade under the heavy workload, which can result in the total loss of your images without warning.

To avoid moments where it’s too late, look to DIGISTOR for an SSD that employs drive-over provisioning. The process extends the life of your SSD by allocating a percentage of its flash memory as spare sectors, resulting in superior performance and endurance.

Certified SSDs for Your Shoot
To avoid missing your shot, or losing a frame, look for a Certified SSD manufacturer. Certified SSD manufacturers design with changing technology in mind and test their drives with different brands of equipment to ensure a perfect fit, as well as arriving shoot ready right out of the box.

If you’re in the market for an SSD, view our range of Professional Series SSD drives. Our drives are recommended for Blackmagic video capture hardware, and our knowledgeable representatives will help you pick the drive that complements your equipment, ensuring a successful high quality shoot.


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