The advent of downloadable games and high-definition videos has strain on the storage capacity of the Playstation 3, causing many gamers to consider a Playstation 3 external hard drive. As CNN reported, the console originally debuted with two models containing a 20 or 60 gigabyte hard drive. Since that time, the storage needs of gamers has only increased, meaning that what once may have appeared as an embarrassment of riches has now become a major concern.

This storage shortage was not ameliorated by the recent launch an even smaller variation of the PS3. According to Wired, Sony released a new model of its console equipped with 12 gigabytes of flash memory in its European markets. Sony managing director Fergal Gara spoke to Eurogamer about the release, noting that the company aimed to reach a more casual, family-based audience with the release by stressing its lower entry price point and relative dearth of storage space.

“There are a lot of PlayStation users today who don’t use very much in the way of disk space, so it’s just for game saves and the small bits of install that might be needed on individual games,” Gara told the publication.

However, those gamers who have found that their purchased system does not meet their data storage needs are left to look for alternative solutions. Some site contributors have suggested that consumers consider replacing their proprietary hard drive with a larger internal device. However, given the amount of technical know-how involved and the high possibility of voiding the machine’s warranty and causing irreplaceable damage to the hardware, this is not advised.

Instead, users who need to free up some storage space should consider getting a Playstation 3 external hard drive from DIGISTOR. Gamers can save all of their music, photos and high-definition videos in one easy-to-access location. Designed with PS3-compatibility in mind, DIGISTOR’s external hard drive offers gamers everywhere a simple solution to a growing issue.


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