Running out of room on your Xbox One internal hard drive? Many are. The Xbox One gives you 500GB of internal game storage… or does it? On a fresh Xbox One we took a look at the internal storage and found only 364.8GB of usable space! If you’re a game fanatic, you might find that’s no where near enough for a console lifetime of gaming! Blu-ray based games and game downloads now take anywhere from 18GB to 45GB of hard drive space, and each game requires loading to the hard drive to play.

Xbox One internal Hard Drive is limited to 364.8GB

Xbox One internal Hard Drive is limited to 364.8GB

And what about if you want to bring a game over to a friends house? You bring the Blu-ray game disc, but then you have to wait for the game to install on their system before you can play. More and more we see the need to expand our Xbox One hard drive and make our main storage mobile ready.

Many know DIGISTOR for our series of PS3 and Xbox 360 Portable Hard Drives, and we’re happy to announce we’ve expanded our line of products to include the Xbox One Expansion Drive by DIGISTOR. The new expansion drive is available in 500GB and 1TB size formats, and connects to your Xbox One through a single USB 3.0 cable, no wall adapter needed!

Simply connect the portable drive to your Xbox One, and now you’re able to move or copy game installs or apps to the DIGISTOR drive instead of the internal drive. You can even choose the DIGISTOR drive as the default install location to make sure all future downloads go to the right place.

To learn more or buy the Xbox One Expansion drive for your console visit our Gaming Hard Drives product page.


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