Cyberattacks Redux

Cyberattacks Redux

Cyber threats have been in the news a lot since Russia began its war with Ukraine. It’s hard to paint this as good news—the war is awful. But most of us are generally complacent about the possibility of cyberattacks. So maybe being a constant part of the news...
Absolutely Nothin’

Absolutely Nothin’

As with most things in life, there are many facets to cybersecurity. Why protecting data is important, how data security is created and maintained, what information needs to be protected to what standards, how cybersecurity is its own arms race, and so on. Of course,...
How Our Customers Use Our SSDs

How Our Customers Use Our SSDs

When I started writing this blog, I planned to talk only about a few use cases for self-encrypting solid-state drives (SSDs) we’ve been seeing. But the mind wandered… Later, we’ll take a detour onto the path of SSD and storage history. (Not only do I wander down...


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