We’ve achieved another important listing with our DIGISTOR FIPS self-encrypting drives! The National Security Agency (NSA) has placed our DIGISTOR FIPS 140-2 L2 SSDs on the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) component list as a Hardware Full Drive Encryption component. 

This means that DIGISTOR FIPS SSDs are now on a list of NSA-approved products that can be used to build CSfC cybersecurity solutions. DIGISTOR FIPS SSDs are the first and only commercial SSDs to be listed as a CSfC Hardware Full Disk Encryption component. 

What is CSfC?

CSfC is an NSA strategy to provide cybersecurity solutions by taking advantage of commercially available industry solutions. You may have heard the term “commercial off the shelf” (COTS) solution. COTS solutions are built from products or components that are commercially available. This contrasts with custom, bespoke solutions that are much more expensive and often use lagging technology.

Many government programs require CSfC solutions for their cybersecurity programs, including securing data at rest (DAR) for top secret information. An example of one such program is the cybersecurity requirements for the Air Force F-16 platform.

Citadel: An Easily Integrated CSfC Layer 

A CSfC secure DAR solution requires two separate layers of encryption. An important piece of a secure storage solution is pre-boot authentication (PBA) combined with certified, NIAP- and CSfC-listed components. DIGISTOR Citadel SSDs contain a built-in PBA, which makes installation, setup, and administration very straightforward. In addition, DIGISTOR Citadel K Series can now be considered one layer of a CSfC solution since both the pre-boot authentication (PBA) and SSD components are on the CSfC Hardware Full Drive Encryption list.

With their M.2 and 2.5-inch form factors and NVMe and SATA III interfaces, DIGISTOR FIPS SSDs are effortlessly integrated into commercially available laptops and desktops, as well as custom solutions that are used for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) applications for example.

In addition, secure DAR solutions can include removable storage since CRU SHIPS removable storage modules, including those with Citadel K Series storage, are covered by this CSfC listing. If you’d like to discuss how DIGISTOR FIPS SSDs can fit into your secure DAR storage solution, let us know.


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